Social Media: Attracting Customers

Small, medium and large businesses from all industry sectors have used social media channels to boost their customer reach, drive sales and create stronger connections with their audience. In fact, social media is such an important part of London marketing that it is incredibly risky to ignore it. Successful social media campaigns are all about engaging with your customers, providing them with assistance when they need it and standing out from the crowd. A well-executed social media strategy can benefit your company or organisation in a myriad of ways. If you don’t have the resources to run your own campaign in-house, consider approaching a UK creative agency.

Key social media tips

One of the best ways to make your campaign a success is to remain prolific on social media, without posting too frequently. You should use your social media pages to make your relationship with your customers stronger, to interact with them and show them you value them. Your social media presence can make you appear friendlier, more helpful and more approachable. Try not to create new posts more than 2-3 times a day as this can cause annoyance, but do look out for mentions of your company and respond to them.

Informative, useful content

All the content you publish should be valuable and engaging. Take a look at the latest news stories to see if there is anything relevant you can publish. Use your pages to start conversations, ask questions and share tips. More and more social media users now expect the companies and organisations that they follow to share visual content, including images, infographics and videos. Various studies have shown that visual content is far more memorable than written content only. Working with a London marketing agency is a very sensible move if you need help with creating visual content for your social media pages.

Track your performance to meet targets

Facilities such as Facebook Insights, Google Analytics and Twitter Analytics tell you more about the behaviour of your followers, such as when they online. You can use this information to decide when to post. Look at your data on a daily basis so you can see how your campaign is performing and whether something needs to be changed. Although it’s wise to be present on all the main social media networks, it’s also helpful to find out which ones your audience prefer to use so you can focus the majority of your efforts on these. Social media also enables you to target different groups of people with targeted posts, such as customers of a certain age and followers in specific locations.

Remain up-to-date

Make sure you include your contact details and information about who you are and what you do on your social media pages. Use your pages to share your expertise and avoid aggressively promoting your products and services as this can backfire. Don’t forget to include relevant keywords in your posts as your social media pages will appear in search engine results. Respond to messages as soon as you can and update your profile when necessary, such as when you change addresses or update your branding.

Getting in touch

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