Get Ahead in Social Media - Top 3 Things to do in 2019

Perhaps one of the most challenging things you’ll do as a business is learning how to manage social media platforms. There’s no doubt that social media is a critical asset in your marketing strategies and overall relationship with customers, and yet many companies still struggle to get it right.

2019 brings many trends with it and many things you should do in the name of social media marketing, and we’re going to be examining what we feel are the top three in this regard.

Cultivate Transparency

2018 was a big year for social media in many ways. The events that took place still reverberate through the platforms we use and the decisions we make. Transparency was a big theme of the previous year, with a crackdown on how data was used and what policies had to be overhauled.

In this way, you’ll find that transparency is the best thing for you to do this year. If you’re not already fully compliant with the regulations, then you should make sure you’re changing your policies to match. It’s important to be as open and honest with customers as possible because these traits are highly prized now.

Get Your Employees Talking

Social media marketing can be a challenge for any business because you need real people to advocate your brand to substantiate your claims. Typically, people would pay for this privilege, but there’s another way to do things that people had not considered.

Your employees are real people who would, if asked, talk about your business and give it an honest recommendation. That’s a promotion that you can’t afford to turn down and is an excellent way to boost your social media channels. Whether you specialise in web design London or you’re a digital marketing agency, get them talking about your business and how it can help.

Chat With Customers

If there’s one significant trend that came out of last year which is still important now, it’s the rise of the chatbot. Companies everywhere have one for their website and social media platforms, and you can tell why.

Having a chatbot means that you can interact with so many more customers and you don’t need to factor in any additional customer service. Not only that, but chatbots are continually evolving, being able to recommend products and services and even generate leads for you. They’re definitely an excellent resource to have on your platforms.

So, let’s recap. The main things to focus on social media this year are chatbots, a transparent company and employee influences. These all come together as part of a cohesive marketing strategy, which we can help you with. However, you should make sure that your social media presence is continuously evolving and developing. There’s nothing more damaging for a business than stagnation, so you need to make sure you’re doing everything you can to push for the results that you want for your business.